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Duffy Law Office

Founded in 1988

Duffy Law Office was established in 1988.  Kevin Duffy is the sole proprietor and owner of the firm.  He has been practicing in Northwestern Minnesota for almost 40 years and brings with him a multitude of experience in the areas of Criminal Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy and Civil Litigation.

Duffy Law Office

Our Vision

Duffy Law Office has a vision of assisting  our clients who are involved in a criminal matter to defend our client to attempt to prove them innocent and help them to show to the Courts that they are indeed innocent until proven guilty.  For family matters, we have a vision of assisting our client to proceed forward with their cases to try and resolve the issues that are at hand with the cases.  Our goal in a bankruptcy case is to allow our client to have a new chance at a positive financial life without excessive debt to cause additional stress in their lives.  Our vision in civil matters is to attempt to resolve the issues that have been brought to the Courts attention in the case.


The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.

Kevin Duffy

Small Title

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