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  Criminal Law

Criminal Law

More serious DWI cases are the result of more than one offense during a 10 year timeframe and/or a high blood alcohol concentration of .16 or higher.  Multiple DWIs within a 10 year timeframe or a high blood test result, result in aggravated sentences.

Controlled Substance offenses or what are commonly referred to as Drug Crimes are very prevalent in Northwestern Minnesota.  Possession of controlled substances such as Marijuana and Methamphetamine are very common and vary in degrees and possible sentences.  When controlled substances are involved in a crime a charge involving the sale of the drug is more serious than possession.  Individuals may also be charged with conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime offense or aiding and abetting another in a controlled substance crime offense.  Duffy Law Office handles all types of controlled substance crime offenses. 

Recently, Criminal Sexual Misconduct charges have begun to rise in Northwestern Minnesota.  Duffy Law Office handles all types of Sexual Assault offenses that can range in severity from charges with a mandatory prison sentence to others which call for a local jail sentence.  Often times the age of the victim and the age of the Defendant dictate how serious the charge is.  The type of Criminal Sexual Misconduct will also dictate how serious the offense might be.

There are all sorts of other potential criminal charges which arise in Northwestern Minnesota and which Duffy Law Office has handled in the past.  These other criminal charges range from Assaults to Trespass to Disorderly Conduct to Criminal Damage to Property.  Kevin Duffy, as a former prosecutor has prosecuted these types of crimes for approximately seven years and he has now been a defense attorney for over thirty years and brings a wealth of experience and insight into all types of criminal cases. 

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